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Peanut Butter Spreadable Dog Treat

Peanut Butter Spreadable Dog Treat

Project Hive Pet Company
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Project Hive Pet Company’s new Peanut Butter Lickable Dog Treat is absolutely paw-fect for spreading on the Hive Disc + Lick Mat or into the cavities of Hive Chew Toys (or other clean surfaces, cavities, bowls, toys, etc.).

With just three simple human-grade ingredients and a creamy, spreadable consistency through an easy-to-use squeezable pouch, the benefits of this lickable dog treat abound.

  • Healthy. Our three simple ingredients include:
    • Peanuts—a tasty, protein-rich treat that dogs love!
    • Organic honey to provide a touch of sweetness from our worker bee friends
    • Sustainably sourced, Organic, Palm Done Right® Oil
  • Engaging. When dogs engage in licking activity, it helps relieve their anxiety and calm them down.
  • Easy to use. This squeezable pouch does not need refrigeration. Perfect for a grab-and-go walk to the park, take it along with the Hive Disc + Lick Mat for a fun game of fetch and then chillax time with your best furry friend.
  • Purchase with a purpose. Project Hive Pet Company's mission is to save the bees. As a Certified B Corp and member of 1% for the Planet, they donate a percent of all sales to non-profit partners in the U.S. and Canada to plant wildflowers—restoring healthy habitat for the vital bee population.

Let’s make our planet thrive—one happy dog and countless bees at a time.